What sets WILD about DOLPHINS above other tour operators?
  • Owner operated/captained excursions

We are a family run operation. We are committed to providing you a safe, memorable, quality trip experience.

  • Established professional reputation

As one of the original Key West wild dolphin tour companies operating for over 12 years.

  • WILD about DOLPHINS owner is the founder & director of the Florida Keys Wild Dolphin Alliance.

FKWDA members work as a team. Your trip experience is enhanced by our communication and reports of dolphin sightings, activity and condition updates.

  • We know where to go to locate dolphins!

Our experience with weather/sea conditions, dolphin travel patterns, detailed trip logs, trial and error, annual/seasonal tracking logs and communication with FKWDA operators assures you the best trip/dolphin experience possible.

  • Our custom vessel

Our boat is outfitted to maximize your comfort, safety and dolphin tour experience. We provide nearly everything that you need on the tour...beverages, meals, snorkel equipment, towels, binoculars, sunscreen, rain gear, snorkel vest, instruction, educational reference photo ID cards and more.

  • We personally guarantee our commitment

We will provide you with a quality, rewarding trip. Dolphin encounters occur on nearly every trip, however we can not guarantee a dolphin sighting. In the event, that the weather conditions are not optimal we will to the best of our ability/knowledge inform you in advance. In the event that WILD about DOLPHIN'S cancels your excursion due to weather or sea conditions such as high winds, heavy rains or lightening/thunder storms you will not be charged. We will do our best to reschedule your outing.

  • WILD about DOLPHINS is fully licensed and insured and registered with the city and the state.

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Florida Keys Wild Dolphin Alliance
Founder/Director Captain Sheri Sullenger

Captain Sheri Sullenger owner/operator of WILD about DOLPHINS, specializes in excursions providing a unique opportunity to observe and learn about wild dolphins in their natural home habitat in a respectful manner. During the course of each journey she shares her knowledge and fascination of not only the marine mammals but also the backcountry island habitats, coral reefs and more.

Sheri has fostered a personal connection and relationship with the resident dolphins that make their home in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic waters near Key West. Sheri is intimately familiar with the diverse travel patterns, behaviors and sites to find the resident dolphins.

Sheri's deep love of the ocean and the dolphins for the past two decades led her to Key West to share the wonders of the dolphins with people seeking the opportunity to learn, observe and interact with these mammals in the wild.

Captain Sheri Sullenger's Professional Qualifications

  • Master of Science, University of Michigan. - 1986
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor - 1991
  • U.S Coast Guard commercial licensed captain - 1995
  • WILD about DOLPHINS, Inc. - 1995- Present - owner/operator
  • Florida Keys Wild Dolphin Alliance Founder/Director - 1998 - Present
  • Professional Business Qualifications:
  • Experienced and Professional
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Owner Operated
  • US Coast Guard Licensed Commercial Charter Captain
  • CPR/First Aid instructor
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver and snorkel instructor

Professional Highlights/Publications

  • Marine Mammal Biology International Conference Attendee 2001
  • The Key West Citizen
  • FKWDA Clean-Up- September 27, 2002
  • DOLPHINS - Wildly popular, increasingly political - By Mandy Bolen - July 28, 2002
  • Dolphin-tour operators ask for federal rules - By Timothy O'Hara - April 11, 2003
  • Dolphin World Newsletter -The Florida Keys Wild Dolphin Alliance
  • Florida Keys Keynoter - July 28, 1999 - Dolphin: Gentle or violent? - By Kevin Wadlow
  • Miami Herald - March 10, 2002 - Humans might be hurting marine mammals - By Susan Cocking
  • Florida Travel Magazine - March/April 2002 - Wild about Dolphins - Enjoy a close encounter with marine mammals
  • AT &T - Tourist Channel-Information about wild dolphins encounter
    Key Wester Magazine - June 2003 - Volume 1 Issue 8 - Key West Outdoors - Amazing Grace - By Suki Miller
  • Be The Star You Are! 99 Gifts For Living, Loving, Laughing, And Learning To Make A Difference.
  • The Gift of Grace, By Cynthia Brian. Celestial Arts 2001.

Supporting Member of
FKWDA Founder/Director
Key West Chamber of Commerce
Key West Innkeeper's Association
Key West Business Guild
Reef Relief

International Dolphin Watch
American Cetacean Society
Harbor Branch
Dolphin Project
Ocean Alliance
Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society



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