Oct. 11, 1999

Dear Captain Sheri Sullenger,

Just wanted to let you know how glad we are that the concierge at the Wicker House booked our dolphin trip with 'WILD about DOLPHINS'. We had a wonderful time with your partner 'Capt. Miles'. Stan was personable, knowledgeable and committed to a respectful trip experience. We admire the policy that you and Stan have set for dolphin excursions with 'WILD about DOLPHINS'. Of course, with the amount of time we were able to spend in the water around the dolphins on our first trip may lead to unreasonable high expectations on the next 'WILD about DOLPHINS' trip. Thanks Again.


Jack & Jennifer M.

March 21, 1999

Dear Sheri,

I am overwhelmed by your offer to donate a trip with Wild about Dolphins, in Hillary‚s memory. I know she is smiling down from heaven and is thrilled knowing the next dolphin calf you encounter will be named after her. Hillary was a Down Syndrome child and was in my class for three years and we shared a special bond. She was killed last August when she darted into the path of a truck on her walk to Sunday school - one block from her house. As Dennis mentioned, Hillary loved dolphins. The N‚s are very dear friends of mine, and I was touched when Dennis thought to write to you. I have the information on the benefit for you. Thank you again for your generous offer Sheri.


Judy P.


Sheri & Stan,

I just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed the experience you gave us with the dolphins, my life passion & desire is to work in some capacity with dolphins & people in the wild. I am not certain exactly how it will all come

together. I have to say that I have done numerous trips and found that your approach was the least aggressive and I truly appreciate the respect you give to the dolphins! Until I find my work with the dolphins, I will spend time with them as much as possible and help others have the experience. I will certainly be in touch with you if & when I return to Key West! So, I am sure I will see you again! Thank you!

In Peace,

Scott L. Colorado

June 11, 1999

Dear Sheri,

I would swear that I really am back where I feel so connected with the sea. It is a wondrous and mysterious place that needs our respect and ongoing care least we destroy it like we have so much of the land. Maybe one day I'll give up the rat race and move to FLA and do something else more in keeping with my environmental interests. D. & I have talked a lot about that since returning home. Our reality is that we may give up AZ for a year. Give us water!! Baja is only 3 hours away - whales would be our next thrill! Nonetheless, I will never forget that day on the water on your boat. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and the gift you possess with the dolphins. D. made sure I will not forget the trip - he gave me a beautiful ankle bracelet with a dolphin charm on it, which I now never take off! Yours in the spirit of the dolphin,

Karen A. January 12, 2000 Hello Capt. Sheri:

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful boat ride and the chance to see the dolphins in their own environment. It was truly a unique experience, and I got some really good pictures of the dolphins up close. If you get the chance, I would love it if you could tell me the titles and artists of the CD's with the aboriginal & Celtic music and also the beautiful soprano that „sweetheart‰ loves so much! Playing the music would remind me of the experience! Thanks again,

El D. Portsmouth, NH July 4, 2000 To all of you at WILD about DOLPHINS‚,

Just a quick note to thank you for taking my friends and I to see the dolphins. I found the experience totally mind-blowing. I still smile when I think about the experience - it will stay with me forever. G. my husband, and I hope to return to Key West for another holiday soon. When we do we will definitely be paying you another visit.

Once again, thank you

Joanne C.


Dear Sheri,

I am writing to let you know that Stephen and I had a wonderful time with you last week. We cannot stop talking about it. It was an experience of a lifetime. On Sunday - our last day in Sarasota we went jet skiing & had the awesome pleasure to see about 7 dolphin just hanging around in about 5 to 8 feet of water in the Gulf. We stopped & observed for about half an hour. We took your advice and hung back just far enough to be able to see but not disturb them. We even told another couple to hang back because of what we learned just days before when we went on a dolphin tour in Key West with you! Well your instruction paid off and the dolphins were more exciting than the jet skies.

Once again thank you and be well.


January, 2001

Hi Sheri,

D. & I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip. It was educational and great fun - you really know your stuff! We love that WILD about DOLPHINS respects the animals and lets the dolphins call the shots - seeing the dolphins in their natural habitats and observing their natural behavior is the only way to go. We can‚t wait to get our pictures back. We will email a copy of the „group‰ picture. Don‚t be surprised when you see us again next year!


M. and David H.

Pittsburgh, PA


Dear Sherri or Sherry,

Thank you so much for taking your time out of your day for us. It was so much fun seeing the dolphins, going snorkeling and ripping‚ through the water! We can‚t thank you enough! We were all so happy & surprised to see the dolphins.

Thank You So Much Again!

The T. Kids


Hi Sheri

I want to tell you what a fabulous time my sister and I had. The 2 afternoons we spent with you were the highlight of our trip and truly a dream come true. We loved everything about it. My sister especially liked the recording of Amazing Grace that you play for the dolphins. I would like to get her a copy for her birthday. If you could take a minute to e-mail me back and tell me what CD it is on. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks much, Suzan W.


Hi Sheri,

We were the English couple with the small baby that you took out last week. We just got home and wanted to look you up on the net to say how much we enjoyed the trip. Hope you and the dolphins are all okay. We will look you up next time we are in the Keys.


Darby & Michelle


Hey Guys!!

This is S. & R. from N.C. We went out with you guys last Wednesday & wanted to let you know that we had a BLAST!! We had the boat to ourselves that day and genuinely had a great time. We saw „shadow‰ and a few other dolphins, but I guess it wasn't the absolute best day for dolphin encounters. The snorkeling was great and just being in the water again was downright therapeutic! We both got sunburn that day and brought back tan lines and peeling skin as „badges of honor‰, for our friends here. You all keep up the great work and we hope to meet up with you again sometime.

Thanks again,

Renee & Steve


Hi Sheri,

This is Amy D.. I went out with you on the afternoon of January 19. I was with my mother. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had. The weather was great, the dolphins were out and the music you played was so beautiful. It was one of the most memorable times in my life. I hope to come back out again soon. Thank you for a truly unique experience, you truly love your work and it shows.

Amy D.


Thanks for an awesome dolphin experience! We send our love to you and „the kids‰... We were so inspired after our trip with you that we got matching Yin-Yang dolphin tattoos at Goldie‚s .

Love & Gratitude,

D.J. M. & Rev. M.



Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful on April 5. That was definitely the high light of our vacation to Key West. Seeing the dolphins was amazing. Your knowledge was great and you taught us quite a bit.

Thank you again! C., K. C. G. and E.

July 8, 2003

I am writing you to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience with the Dolphins. ( I am the one who went twice in a row on JULY 1 & 2)I was so moved by the experience. I honestly feel like the dolphins helped me to move forward on my spiritual journey. I only wish I had asked you more about the spiritual aspects of the Dolphins while I was in Key West. If you have any recommended reading materials on that subject to suggest, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you again for a truly magical experience!


Shelley G,,

August 1, 2003

Hi , We wanted to tell you how happy we were with our afternoon excursion with Kathy on July 22nd. We encountered an incredible number of dolphins, which just thrilled my 18-year-old daughter (and us). Kathy was a great guide and very personable- I felt as if I had known her for a long time. Although we’ve been coming to the Keys for the past 6 years, this was our first dolphin trip. Now we've added Wild About DOLPHINS to our „must do „ list. Kathy was very knowledgeable about the wildlife and the environment and we learned a lot of interesting facts from her. Kudos to Kathy and Wild About Dolphins.

We'll be back next July

R. S. and family Minneapolis, MN

August 25, 2003

Thank you for a great day! I hope you can visit us at Island Dolphin Care sometime soon. In any event I look forward to hearing from you about Costa Rica. We had a very relaxing day on the Amazing grace!

Thanks- D




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